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The Coolest Throwback NFL Jerseys


There are trends you take and trends you leave for others to rock, you know. Yeah, me neither. At least not as many times as I’d like to. There’s this fucking uncontrollable urge I have to bloody sample all the looks I rant about here on, so I go shopping and always end up broke, with NFL jerseys that barely fit my closet anymore, some still with a price tag on, just to show me how bad I actually needed them.

Anyway, yesterday I did just that. Went shopping for… I can’t even remember what, and one hour later I had a few things in my bags that, today, upon post-redemption, got me thinking about the why’s behind the purchase.

Let me tell you. Among other things I bought some ugly football hats, a pair of incredibly ugly cropped pants, that make me look ridiculous to say the least, and three, not one, throwback NFL jerseys. Three vintage style NFL jerseys.

Lawrence Taylor New York Giants 1986 Blue Jersey

John Elway Denver Broncos 1994 Orange Jersey

Dan Marino Miami Dolphins 1994 Green Jersey

I may be alone in my obsession here, but I love these jerseys, and something about the retro look is still very irresistible to me, so, since my throwback NFL jersey urge keeps on pulsing I have found some fave picks for us to shop.

(click on image to buy.)


How do the cool kids wear throwback John Elway jersey?

There’s no rule. They’re NFL jerseys which means they look great with just about anything.